Letter from the City of Chicago

Letter from the Town of Fishers, IN

Letter from Lansing, MI

Student Comments from Recent Seminars

"Useful and great tool to have…good training."
Jesse E., Chicago PD

"well worth the time and a great training tool for both the handler and canine."
-John S., Chicago PD

"My K9 responded so quickly to the e-collar! It was like magic how we got him to out the Kong or anything else he was biting. A must take seminar for all police service K9’s. Excellent presentation from the intro to hands on practice."
-Sal P., Chicago PD

"I learned a lot in just two days. It was nice to see the e-collar introduced the proper way."
-John B., DuPage Co. Sheriff’s Office

"Jeff does an excellent job teaching the handler how to correctly use the e-collar to achieve maximum results for the K-9 team."
-Sgt. M. Scott Wilcox, Fishers (IN) PD K-9 Coordinator

"A very good introductory level class for proper use of the e-collar."
-Dustin Dixon and K9 Dibo, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

"Easy to learn-easy to apply…A prime example of trainers believing in the course, product and training dogs/handlers. It’s not about ‘bad dog!’, it’s about training them to respond to stimulus that you control."
-Sam Ralph and K9 Bas, Fishers (IN) PD K-9 Unit.

"Learning to use the remote collar while making it fun for the dog, instead of a punishment.A hands on process of teaching both the handler and the K9 how a remote collar can beused to elicit the correct behavior form the K9 with very little stimulation."
-Jerry Fenemore and K9 Ika, Noblesville (IN) Police Dept.

"I had my police K9 for 7 years and never used e collar. After learning how to use it properly, love it! Very helpful information where I immediately saw results. If you want to learn how to properly use an e collar, this is it! Good problem solving techniques."
-Officer John Cresap and K9 Ketcher, Fairfield, OH Police Dept.

“I’ve owned an e collar for over a year and haven’t been comfortable in using it until
now. The method you taught in the seminar was extremely informative and I’ll be
deploying with the collar on a daily basis. Worth every minute, learning proper use of
the collar reduces stress on both the dog and handler. Thanks!”
-D. Bookman, Sharonville, OH Police Dept.

“Learning the e collar is not about discipline or bad experience, it’s learning to make e
collar positive. Worth every minute, get as much time with it as you can. One of the best
workshops I attended.”
-Ptl. Greg Adkins, Tipp City, OH Police Dept.

“This is a must have for police training. After this class I felt 100% better about my
patrol work and obedience.”
-Officer Brad Purvis and K9 Macho, Noblesville (IN) Police Dept.

“Very in depth and informative. Hands on course with great presentation by the
instructors. The highlight was seeing the dog’s progression at the end of three days.”
-Cpl. Tony Stachowiak and K9 Max, Mishawaka (IN) Police Dept.

“I like the way the e collar is introduced and the steps that are used to get you to final
product. All by using the e collar the proper way. The highlight of the seminar was my
dog working call offs and then the dual decoy work we did. Prior to coming to this class,
I had not worked call offs at all with my dog. This all in three days training, now he is
doing them well.”
-K9/Captain Doug Taylor and K9 Bunck, Lawrenceburg (IN) Police Dept.

"My K9 partner, Cody, is a very intense, high drive GSD. We were certified through
Midwest K9 training using the Dogtra e-collar. When used properly it is safe and humane
for the dog. It is an extremely valuable tool for any dog handler. Unwanted behaviors can
be corrected quickly. In Cody's case, behavior was corrected in only a couple short
sessions. I encourage anyone to give the e-collar a try. You will be pleased with the
-Officer Jim Schooly and K9 Cody
Long Beach (IN) Police Dept.

"A properly instructed handler in the use of Dogtra's collar, is a must for training a high
drive service dog. It was the knowledgeable, excellent and patient instruction of Jeff
Rynearson which made the E-collar sessions so beneficial and easy to understand why we
use them in police work. Consistency and conditioning is key in training any K9 with
new equipment. Once the K9 is conditioned to wearing the collar, it's surprising to see the
difference in the ease of control you may have NOT previously had over your K9 partner.
In a few short sessions, I saw an amazing transformation in the control I had in
obedience, call offs, recalls, etc. This type of training is essential in building the handlers
confidence in off lease control/liability over your K9 companion. I highly recommend
this humane form of training for any Police K9."
-Cpl. Jeff Ransberger K9 Handler
South Bend Police Dept. IN

"My K9, Marko, is a very high drive German Shepherd with only one speed. The training
that I received through Jeff and Midwest K9 Training was outstanding! In just a few,
short sessions I had complete off-leash control of Marko. What was even better yet is the
freedom at which he was allowed to work and stay in “drive“. No more yanking on
leashes and choking him off of a bite. Every police dog handler should be properly
trained in this invaluable tool!"
-Officer Dallas Smythe and K9 Marko
LaPorte County Sheriff’s Dept.