Jeff, Midwest K9 Training, Incorporated Owner/President, has extensive training and handling experience with dogs. 

  • South Bend (IN) Police Department, Police Officer (Appointed January 9th, 1991).
  • Selected as K9 handler, April 1994-2008.
  • K9 Unit training coordinator April 1996-present.
  • Promoted to the rank of Sergeant April 28, 1999.
  • Promoted to rank of Lieutenant September 14, 2005.
  • Promoted to rank of Captain January 2008.
  • Current duties include the organization, administration and supervision of entire shift of 50+/- officers and overseeing K9 unit supervisors..
  • Responsible for the testing and selection of all canines purchased by the South Bend Police Department. This has afforded the opportunity to evaluate hundreds of potential working dogs.
  • Primary trainer for the initial training of fifteen department canines which included a ten week training course. This covered obedience, tracking, area search, article search and protection.
  • Involved in over 1000 K9 deployments with over 200 resulting in apprehensions.
  • Member of Dogs Against Drugs/Dogs Against Crime, Indiana Police Work Dog Association and American Work Dog Association since September 1999.
  • 80 hrs. under the direct supervision of Sgt. Donn Yarnall (Los Angeles Police Department K9 Training Coordinator-retired) which included instruction in the use of the electronic collar, protection, control and obedience.
  • 32 hrs. under the direct supervision of Sgt. Doug Roller (L.A.P.D. Lead K9 Trainer) involving advanced training and tactical techniques implemented through remote collar.
  • Certified instructor through the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (2001).
  • Certified Police K9 training instructor through Oakland Community College (MI)/Oakland Police Academy (May 2000) 80hrs.
  • Certified Explosives/Narcotics Odor Imprintation Trainer's Course (June 2003) through Von Liche Kennels, Denver, IN. 80hrs.
  • Certified K9 Decoy/K9 Behavior Course through Guardian K9, Inc. (May 2007) 40hrs.
  • Assisted U. S. Secret Service with explosives searches on two Vice-Presidential and five Presidential security details.
BRYAN MILLER-South Bend/Mishawaka/Granger

Bryan Miller is a 9 year veteran on the South Bend Police Department. Bryan has been working with the K9 Unit since 2006 assisting with the training of the patrol dogs. In February of 2008, Bryan was made a full time K9 Handler. He and his partner Boss are the only dual purpose patrol/explosive detection team in the 10 Member K9 Unit.

In addition to his duties as a K9 Handler, Bryan is also a member of the SWAT Team. He is a SWAT Sniper, a Firearms Instructor, and a Field Training Officer. Bryan is one of the lead trainers in the department's firearms training program. He specializes in pistol, shotgun and patrol riffle/carbines.

Bryan has been a co-trainer at Midwest K9 Training, Incorporated since the spring of 2008.

CHAD THOMAS-South Bend/Mishawaka/Granger

Chad Thomas started his law enforcement career in Nov. 1998 with the Mishawaka Police Department. In January of 2003, He was made a full time K9 Handler working a single purpose drug dog. Chad is currently working with his second K9 partner, Rex, a dual purpose patrol/narcotics GSD.  In December of 2011, Chad was promoted to K9 Unit Supervisor.

In addition to his duties as a K9 Handler, Chad is also a member of the St. Joseph County Metro SWAT Team. He currently holds instructor level law enforcement certificates in Less Lethal munitions, Active Shooter, SIMS and Field Training Officer.  

Chad has been a co-trainer at Midwest K9 Training, Incorporated since February of 2012.

MIKE BEIGELBECK-South Bend/Mishawaka/Granger

Mike Beigelbeck has been passionate about dogs since childhood.

Mike joined the South Bend Police Department in 2003 and was selected as a decoy/helper for the K9 Unit in the spring of 2007.

Mike was also selected to attend the K9 behavior/ K9 decoy class conducted by Guardian K9 in May of 2007.

Currently serving on the St. Joseph County Police Department.

Mike has been an associate trainer for Midwest K9 Training, Incorporated since the summer of 2009.

JOSH SAMUELSON-Zionsville/Carmel/Fishers


Josh Samuelson is an eight year police veteran working for the Zionsville Police Department. 

Prior to Josh's time with the Zionsville PD, he was a patrol officer with the Michigan City Police Department.

He worked and trained alongside several K9 Units and their handlers.

Josh’s current assignment is with the Zionsville Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division as a Detective. 

In addition to those responsibilities, he has served as a Field Training Officer and a Crime Scene Technician.

Josh is also a member of the Boone County Special Response Team (SWAT team) and ZPD’s Honor Guard. 

Josh grew up in a police K9 family, his father has been a police K9 handler and trainer for over 14 years.

Josh has trained and lived with working Police dogs for much of his life.  


ROB CAIN-Lafayette/Rensselaer/Valparaiso


Rob has spent 16 years with Jasper County Sheriff’s Department, he implemented the K9 program for the county in 2004.

He is the first K9 handler for the county and has served as senior handler for the past 3 years, currently assigned to the narcotics interdiction unit.

Prior to joining the Jasper County S.D. served as a patrolman for the Rensselaer City PD for 2 years.
Rob retired his dual purpose narc/ patrol dog "Boy" in September 2013.

Rob is a graduate of Midwest K9 Training, Incorporated Police Service Dog Handlers Course with his current dual purpose narc/patrol GSD "Jango".

Rob also served 4 years as Security Police in the United States Air Force, duties included entry control, base patrol, and squadron armorer and assisted the squadron K9 unit in training.